Sunday, 1 May 2011


The exhibition took place at The Archers. A place that all of the students decided on, rather than somewhere that had already been used as an exhibition space or a place that was well known. It was brand new and fresh.
The space was very big and looked like it had great potential. As the students began to build it up, by putting up boards and painting it began to take it shape.
There were groups that had been formed to keep everything together and organized: 

The Fundraising Team

The Marketing Team

The Logistics Team

The Curator Team

I was part of the Fundraising team and took a major roll in the 'Jumble Sale' which included selling things that were donated to us, raffle tickets and to get how many sweets were in a jar. We raised up to £122 to go towards getting together the exhibition and then £792 for the sponsored walk which a vast majority of our class did.

The Marketing team put together a great website which can be viewed Here.
Everyone put effort into the process, some more than other. But in the end it was a great success.
Though one problem was the placement of the name plaques which seemed to be a problem and were to low for people to see.